Celebrating Female Designers Shaping the Hosiery Industry

5 min readMar 9, 2024

A quick glance at hosiery inspires appreciation. Appreciation of beauty and style in all its beautifully unique ways. On closer inspection, you may find yourself feeling a little awe at the craftsmanship, design princesses, hard work, and centuries of tradition that go into the very pair that are about to accompany you throughout the day. It becomes clear that the modern hosiery we know and love are legions of visionary designers who continually push the boundaries of innovation.

Today, we’re going to honor the female designers who are shaping the hosiery landscape, rewriting standards, and inspiring women around the globe (including us here at VienneMilano.) Each of these extraordinary women has embraced the tradition of hosiery, infusing it with their unique flair, enriching it with their own touch.

Coco Chanel herself wore stockings like armor and thought other women should do nothing else. Of course, she is first and foremost known for her iconic fashion house, Coco Chanel, of which hosiery formed a strong pillar. Timeless designs revolutionized women’s fashion in the early 20th century, including the incorporation of hosiery as an essential accessory.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the familiar and reassuring hug of Spanx, then you might be a fan of Sara Blakely. Singlehandedly, Blakely revolutionized the hosiery industry with her innovative shapewear designs. For pretty obvious reasons, her idea quickly gained traction quickly and become a household name worldwide for its comfortable and flattering features that empower women to feel confident in their clothing choices.

She is indeed the founder of Sheertex, a company renowned for creating the world’s strongest sheer knit fabric for durable and long-lasting hosiery. Sheertex is known for its innovative use of materials and technology to produce hosiery that is resistant to runs and tears, offering a longer lifespan compared to traditional products.

As the founder of Swedish Stockings, Elinor Edvardsson has made a mark in the hosiery industry with her brand’s strong commitment to sustainability. Swedish Stockings is recognized for producing eco-friendly hosiery, utilizing recycled materials, and implementing sustainable manufacturing practices. The brand focuses on reducing environmental impact while still delivering high-quality products.

Michelle Lam is the co-founder of True & Co., a company distinguished for its innovative approach to sizing and fit in the lingerie and hosiery industry. True & Co. utilizes data-driven methods and technology to provide personalized sizing recommendations for customers, aiming to enhance comfort and confidence in their products. The brand has gained recognition for its inclusive sizing options and focus on individual preferences and body types.

Sophia Boccard is recognized as the founder of Maison Boccard, a brand known for its innovative designs and dedication to sustainability within the hosiery industry. Maison Boccard stands out for its creative approach to design, offering unique and stylish hosiery options to consumers.

Renowned supermodel Elle Macpherson is rarely seen without stockings. No surprise then that she ventured into the world of hosiery design with the launch of her brand, Elle Macpherson Intimates. Her line mainly features luxurious stockings and lingerie that encourage women to see their sensuality and power as one.

Italian designer Sarah Borghi is celebrated for her exquisite hosiery collections, which are immediately recognizable by their irresistible intricate lace details, luxurious fabrics, and impeccable craftsmanship. Through her eponymous brand, Borghihas made a significant impact on the fashion industry, particularly in the realm of hosiery. Of course, we keep a special place in our hearts for all things Italian here at VienneMilano, and Sarah Borghi certainly belongs there, too.

With a passion for both fashion and sustainability, Diane Legrand has made a name for herself in the hosiery industry by creating eco-friendly and ethically produced stockings and tights. Her designs prioritize comfort, durability, and environmental consciousness, appealing to conscientious consumers seeking stylish yet sustainable hosiery options.

We can admire Maria Rodriguez’ hosiery philosophy here at VienneMilano, which is that absolutely everyone, no matter size, shape or style, should feel comfortable in hosiery. She is one of the industries most fervent champions of inclusivity of diverse skin tones and body types. To achieve her goal, she shares her collection of diverse nudes, and neitrals with an impressive range of sizes to ensure every woman finds her perfect match.

A pioneer in the world of fashion, Elsa Schiaparelli made waves with her innovative and daring designs. She experimented with various materials and techniques, introducing novel concepts to the hosiery industry. Schiaparelli’s bold approach continues to inspire designers today.

As we wrap up …

The hosiery industry is truly a world shaped by the brilliance, passion, and fearless innovation of female designers who are transforming the very essence of fashion — and we can’t thank them enough.

From embracing sustainability and championing comfort to celebrating diversity and embracing cutting-edge technology, these visionary women aren’t just designing garments — they’re empowering us to embrace our unique beauty and confidence.

So, let’s raise our stockings (and perhaps a glass) to these trailblazers. They’ve shattered ceilings, redefined norms, and left their mark on the hosiery landscape.

Taking a leaf out of their book, we can all work toward a future where inclusivity, sustainability, and of course, feeling fabulous, reign supreme in our hosiery choices. After all, our leg tells a story, and with each new addition to our hosiery drawer, we continue writing our own stylish chapters.

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