Garter Belt Tights in four Colors

VienneMilano is delighted to announce the launch of LUANA stockings in four fabulous colors: classic black, ivory, chestnut brown, and nude. LUANA are vintage-style stockings — made for garter belts.

Inspired by the elegance and beauty of the 1920s, LUANA pays homage to the days of yesteryear. A long time ago, stockings did not stay up on their own and required a garter belt to be kept in place. As a result, LUANA offers a classic style that’s fabulous for special occasions, including romantic dates, parties, and boudoir photography sessions.

Crafted from a blend of nylon and Lycra (spandex), LUANA is a pair of 15 denier sheer stockings that feature both a welt and a shadow welt at the top. To wear LUANA, all you need to do is clip your garter belt on the welt.

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Photo credit: Sofia Exss Photography, and Svetlaya.

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