How do Plus Size Thigh Highs Stay up?

3 min readMar 3, 2023

In our hearts, thigh highs are a magical, almost mystically gorgeous garment that contains layers of sensuality, power, and the eternal feminine that sculpts legs beautifully as much as it crafts confidence. In our minds, thigh highs are a leg-covering garment that holds themselves up, leveraging either elastic or silicone bands while excelling in both functionality and fashion. Either way, we know that thigh highs are an inclusive bunch that are perfect for everyone, no matter their size or shape. So, if you’ve found yourself asking the question, “How do plus-size thigh highs stay up?” we’ve got the short and long answers.

Plus-size thigh highs stay up due to a band that is sewn into the top of the garment. For band material, some brands use elastic, while others opt for the more long-lasting and reliable silicone alternative. Both materials provide friction against the skin, holding the thigh high up and in place on the thigh.

But to answer the questions in more detail…

How do Plus size Thigh Highs Stay up?

Thigh highs seem to defy gravity, standing tall despite the lack of any clips or apparent aid. The secret lies within their very design; Plus-size thigh highs stay up due to bands that are sewn at the top of the stockings, almost always within their bands. This band can be made of either elastic or silicone and holds firmly to the thigh, keeping the thigh highs reliably in place. As you might expect, plus-size thigh highs stand up all alone in much the same way regular-sized thigh highs do.

Are Elastic or Silicone Thigh Highs Better?

While elastic gets the job done, it’s also more prone to deteriorate over time. Elastic materials tend to warp ever so slightly when exposed to high heat (washing machine alert,) causing the band to stretch out and hold less tightly to the leg. The result is a lot of slippage, pilling, and constant pulling up to no avail. So, while elastic-based thigh highs may come at a lower price, you’ll find yourself replacing them a lot more often.

On the other hand, silicone holds that bit tighter. Without ever squeezing too tight, the firm band places just the right amount of pressure on the leg, holding firm without leaving any pesky marks in its wake. What’s more, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in any way. If you feel your stockings are about to slide down or are pinching you too tightly — it’s time to rethink your choice of stockings!

The general consensus is that premium brands tend to work more with silicone bands due to the comfort and quality they provide.

And there you have it!

Plus-size thigh highs have come a long way. Every year, more lingerie and stocking brands continue to expand their plus-size collections, ensuring everyone gets to enjoy that undeniable fabulous feeling that comes with wearing thigh highs.

Our gift to you…

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