How To Buy Stockings For Halloween

4 min readOct 7, 2022

Halloween is a great excuse to buy yourself new stockings that can be used for two purposes: to perfect your Halloween outfit and to perfect every other outfit every other day of the year!

Whether you hate, love, or are utterly indifferent to the scariest day of the year — what you need is a new pair of Halloween-ready thigh highs. For the anti-Halloweeners: as consolation. For the Halloween lovers: as a celebration. For the “it’s just another day among you: because thigh highs are incredible!

At VienneMilano, we’re proudly part of the Halloween-loving group. Not so much for the spookiness or the sweets, or even the parties. Really, because it’s the time of year when everyone gets to have a little (or a lot of) fun with thigh highs and stockings. Creativity and imagination can run wild as thigh highs are used like never before — and more daringly sexy than ever. That’s our idea of a good time! In fact, we live for it.

Come Halloween, there are no thigh high rules (not that we follow them the rest of the year either!) But the rule book isn’t just torn up; it’s shredded on October 31st — how irresistible.

Every year, we ready our collection of Halloween lingerie for the influx of shoppers getting hallowed-ready in style. And we won’t lie; we relish in how you use our thigh highs to bring your Halloween look to the next level. We never tire of seeing our thighs lend themselves to new characters, personas, or just worn as an elegant ode to Halloween. And if we sound like gushing parents — that’s what we feel like!

Thigh highs complete every Halloween outfit. They add sass, sauciness, and fun, all while maintaining a certain grace and refined sultriness. And at VienneMilano, our collection of luxury thigh highs just so happen to come in almost every color you can imagine, with several prints, styles, and details to choose from!

Revamp your old Halloween looks instead of wracking your brains over a new (and probably costly) outfit. Instead, make the smart choice, and land yourself a new pair of thigh highs that can be used all year round! Did we mention that this is likely also better for the environment? Just another good excuse to add thigh highs to your Halloween shopping list this year — you’ll be doing your bit!

And our favorite part? One reason why we love wearing thigh highs at Halloween is that they keep our legs nice and toasty! For some reason, women’s Halloween costume designers have waged war on legs, exposing them to the cold, almost wintery elements on that ghoulish night.

And since no one wants to be the scariest, shivery sight of the night, thigh highs offer that extra layer of invaluable warmth that keeps you celebrating that bit longer!

VIVIA Animal Print

VIVIA is here for you, and she wants to see your wild side. Sultry and daring, VIVIA is leopard print style at its finest. She also just happens to feel oh-so delightful on the skin thanks to her durable mesh makeup. VIVIA will have you feeling fierce and ready to pounce this Halloween.


ISABELLA is bewitchingly sheer, casting spells of beauty and evoking a sophisticated, sultry air that elevates any outfit you choose to wear this year.


TOSCA is striking, matte, and means business. Perfect for a funky color pop or to add edge to any costume/outfit.

And finally…

Halloween doesn’t have to mean tacky. It can mean ethereal elegance, mysterious matte, and effortless style thanks to stockings.

Have lovely Halloween! From us to you at VienneMilano — luxury stockings to add some elegant mystique to your Halloween look this year — enjoy!

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