Italian Baby Girl Names

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Here at VienneMilano, we celebrate all things Italian — the food, style, balmy weather, and, of course, the glue that holds the pretty picture together: Italians. And we’d be lying if we said our particular focus wasn’t on the women and girls of this lovely group.

In fact, we draw our inspiration from their endless well of dedication and passion for their craft, culture, families, and beyond. In their honor, we’ve given each of our products their very own Italian feminine name, each with its very own meaning that we’ll delve into below.

So, Italian women and girls everywhere take a bow. Parents planning on naming their little girls in the grand tradition of Italian baby girl names, take a look…

Italian Baby Girl Name Meanings


Adria is a baby girl name of Latin origin, roughly translating to “from Hadria.” This means the name Adria claims roots in romantic northern Italy while also referring to the Adriatic Sea, which bordered Italy’s west coast. Adria may also be associated with the Italian baby girl names of Adrienne and Adriana in Italy and several countries around the globe.


Alba is a unisex name of Latin origin, meaning “white.” However, in Italian, the name is largely considered of the feminine variety and directly translates to “dawn” or “sunrise.”


Alessia, a girl’s name with Italian origins, means “defender.” With connotations of protection and defense, the name also roughly translates to “strong” and “powerful.”


A worldly name, Alma derives its origins from several sources, including Latin, Hebrew, Italian, Filipino, and Arabic. No matter its origins, Alma always means “kind,” “nourishing,” and “soul” In fact, Alma is the direct translation of “soul” in Italian.


This name derives from the Ancient Greek language where it gets its varied meaning of “immortal, divine, which belongs to the immortal, ambrosia, the nectar of the gods.” In Ancient Greek mythology, Ambrosia is sometimes the food or drink of the Greek demigods, often thought to bestow immortality upon whoever consumed it.


The name Andrea is a name of Greek origin and is the feminine form of Andrew, meaning “strong and brave.”


While the literal Italian translation of the name Aria is “air,” the name also means “song” or “melody” in Italian. This makes sense, considering it is a musical term referring to an elaborate vocal solo usually found within a larger piece of music, such as an opera. Aria also symbolizes “lioness” in Greek.


In Greek Baby Names, the meaning of the name Artemisia is “Gift from Artemis.” Artemisia can also mean “perfect.”


Camilla is an Italian girl’s name that means “helper to the priest.” It comes from Camillus, a term used to refer to a young person serving during masses.


Carlota is a feminine name of Italian origin that’s a spin on its French sister name Charlotte. Meaning. Interestingly, the feminine name stands for “free man.”


Bright, luminous. Chiara is a girl’s name of Italian origin that translates to “bright” and “luminous,”


Claudia is a girl’s name deriving from Latin and Roman roots that are often used today in Italy. The name Claudia roughly translates to “lame” and “enclosure.”


The name Concetta is a girl’s name of Italian origin that is related to Concepcion and the Virgin Mary, meaning “pure.”


Cora is a Greek name that’s inspired by the goddess Persephone and means “maiden” or “daughter” Alternatively, but rarely, it may claim roots to the Gaelic Cora, meaning “just,” “honest,” “virtuous,” or “good.”


A feminine name of Greek origin that’s often used in Italy. Dafne is a respelling of Daphne, meaning “laurel tree.” The name hails from Greek mythology, where Daphne was a female nymph or naiad.


Donatella is an Italian feminine given name meaning “gift,” “gift of God,” or “beautiful gift.” The suffix “ella” at the end of the name could also imply its meaning as “little gift from God.”


Drawing parallels to the word “electric,” Elettra is an Italian name of greek origin that means “shining” or “glowing.


Elisabetta, as a girl’s name, is related to the Hebrew name Elizabeth and shares its meaning of “God’s promise.”


The name Fabiana is a girl’s name of Italian origin, meaning “bean grower” or “little woman who grows beans.”


Filippa is the feminine version of the masculine name and means “lover of horses” or “horses’ friend.” Common alternative spellings include Philippa, Phillippa, or Filipa.


Fiorella is a floral-inspired girl’s name with Italian roots. It means “little flower” and comes from the Italian word fiore, meaning “flower,” with the suffix ella denoting its “little” status.


Francesca is a feminine name that’s a variation of the Italian male name Francis. Francesca simply means “free.”


Gemma is an Italian girl’s name that means “precious gemstone” or “jewel.”


Gia is an Italian name that’s short for another slightly more popular Italian name, Gianna, which is itself a derivative of Giovanna. This trio of names all means “God is gracious” or “God’s gracious gift.”


Giada is a feminine name of Italian origin that means “Jade” or “precious stone.”


Gioia is an Italian girl name that derives its meaning from the Italian word gioia or “jewel.” The name Gioia can also mean “precious object” or “joy.”


Related to George, Girogia is the Italian female version that translates to “Farmer.”


Giovanna is an Italian girl name that is the female version of Giovanni. The name itself means “God is gracious,” “God is merciful,” or “Gift from god.”


Gisella is a rare girl’s name of Italian origin which means “pledge.”


Giulia is a feminine name of Italian origin, meaning “youthful” or “dedicated to Jove.” The name is derived from the Latin word “juvenalis,” translating to “youthful.”


The name Greta is a derivative of the name Margareta, which stems from the Greek word margarites or “pearl.” The name Greta can also roughly mean “peace.”


Graziana is an Italian girl’s name, and the meaning of this name is “graceful” or “pleasing.” Graziana can also be translated as “beloved” or “dear.”


Ilaria is a female name that is the Italian equivalent of the English names Hillary or Hilary. The name itself is derived from the Latin hilarius, meaning “cheerful,” “happy,” or “merry.”


The Italian girl’s name Isabella means “devoted to God or “god is my abundance.” The name also refers to beauty as the Italian word bella, meaning “beautiful.”


The name Luana means “happiness” or “enjoyment” and also shares ties to the verb “to have a good time” in Hawaiian. Some experts also link the name to Albania, where it’s believed to mean “lion.”


This feminine name has Italian origins and is considered to be the Italian variant of Louisa and the feminine version of the masculine name Ludovic. The name means “famous warrior” or “illustrious fighter.”


A rare and unique baby girl’s name, Mafalda is the Portuguese and Italian variant of Matilda. The name translated to “Powerful battler,” “Mighty fighter,” or “strength in battle.”


The meaning of Marilla is ‘shining or glistening sea,’ “by the sea” coming from the word ‘Amaryllis,’ which refers to a soft and delicate flower.


Matilde, however, is Matilda with an Italian twist! Its variations are popular in almost all European countries; Matilde derives from the German name Mahthildis which is comprised of macht, which means “strength,” and held, which means battle — powerful in battle.


The name Michela is a popular Italian girl name that hails from the Hebrew language, meaning “who resembles God” or “Godlike.”


Once solely used as a pet name for those called Maria, Mariam, or Miriam. The nickname Mimi has become a personal name in its own right over time. The name itself claims roots in New Testament Greek, possibly, meaning “rebellious,” but probably going even further back to Ancient Egyptian origins meaning “love” or my “beloved.”


Mirabella is an Italian girl name that’s growing in popularity year after year. It translates to “Lovely,” “wondrous,” or “wonderful.”


Derived from the word “natal,” the name Natalia is associated with Christmas time. The name Natalia is primarily a female name of Italian origin and translates as “Born On Christmas Day” or “birthday of god.”


Nicoletta is a girl’s name that traces its roots to both Spain and Italy. Used primarily for girls, the name means “victory of the people” or “the champion of the people.”


Noemi is a feminine name of Italian origin that means “joy” or “delight.” Coming from the Hebrew name Naomi, it translates to “pleasantness.”


A frequently used girl name in Italy, Olivia, is almost a direct translation of the Italian for “olive.” The name can also mean “olive tree” or “peace.”


Traditionally, Italian families tended toward being larger, with a family of eight or more almost being standard. As a result, the feminine Italian name, Ottavia, translates as “Born eighth.”


The name Peonia is the direct Italian translation of “peony,” which is a popular flower that’s widely cultivated for its soft, feminine appearance with vibrantly colored red and pink petals. These beautiful flowers are particularly popular for weddings.


The name Primula is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “first rose,” which understandably links it to early Spring. While rare, the name is not entirely uncommon for Italian girls.


This name Primula derives from the Latin name “Priscus,” which in turn derives from the Latin “prior,” meaning “the first” or “the original.” Some sources also indicate that Primula may translate as “ancient” or “venerable.”


While often used for naming Italian baby girls, the name Rosaria is actually native to Spain and originates from the religious term “Nuestra Señora del Rosario,” meaning “Our Lady of the Rosary.” The name Rosaria is believed to symbolize unity and eternal life.


While traditionally a personal name, Rosita has become an Italian surname over time. That said, it’s still often used as a girl name that means “rose.”


The name Scarlatta originates in Italy, primarily claiming roots in the southern island of Sicily. The name refers to the color purple.


Greek in origin, the name Selene means “moon.” In Greek Mythology, Selene was a deity identified with the Roman mood goddess Luna


Silvia isis a female name of Latin origin with a particularly intriguing and whimsical meaning. The name ia the male equivalent of Silvio and also originates from the Latin word for forest. Going deeper, Silvia actually means “spirit of the wood” as a homage to the Greek mythological god of the forest or countryside, Silvanus.


While a popular choice among Italian parents for their little girls, Sofia is actually a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “wisdom” or “brilliant.”


Tessa is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning “to gather.” It also has roots in Old English as a diminutive of Theresa, meaning “harvester.”


Tosca is a unique Italian girl’s name that essentially means “one who hails from Tuscany,” which is a hilly, historical, and vineyard-lined area in northern Italy.


Feminine variation of the name Valente: it derives from the Latin Valentinus, and it means “vigorous, strong, sturdy.” Foreign variation: Valentine.


The name Valeria is a girl’s name meaning “Strength.” While primarily of Italian origin, the name dates back to the Latin verb valere, meaning “brave,” “strong,” and“to be strong.”


The name Vanna is primarily a female name of Italian origin that means “god is gracious.” It is also a diminutive (shortened version) of the Italian Giovanna, or sometimes Vanessa or Ivanna.


Veronika is a feminine name of Italian origin that roughly translates to “true image” and “victory bringer,” as well as being an alternative spelling of its sister Veronica.


A rather rare Italian baby girl name, Vincenza has connotations of “prevailing” and “conquering” or “to vanquish.”


Of Latin origin, Viola is a name that takes its beautiful sound from flowers. The name puts a feminine and soft spin on its parent word: “violet”; Facts. Viola is also the name of a stringed musical instrument played with a bow.


Vitalia is a unique and rather rare name of Italian origin that means “vitality” or full Of Life.”


As the Italian alternative to the classic Latin Victoria, Vittoria means “victory, triumphant,” “winner,” and “conqueror.”


Vivia is a relatively popular Italian girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning “alive,” “lively,” or “full of life.”

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