Pantyhose and Tights: A History of Hosiery

King Charles IX of France wearing padded hosiery in 1566. Image Source: ARTCYCLOPEDIA
1890 Harper’s Bazaar catalog advertisement. Image Source: HubPages
1920’s women flaunting their thigh highs and garters. Image Source: Behind The Curtain
Flapper women showing off their fabulously styled stockings. Image Source:
Bottle of “Leg Silque”, a commonly used liquid stocking product. Image Source:
No More Ladders” liquid stockings professionally painted-on. Image Source: Rare Historical Photos
1943 Giggles Magazine advertisement for do-it-yourself Paint-on Stockings. Image Source: Atomic Red Head
The 1945 post-war rush to purchase department store hosiery. Image Source:
1967 Christian Dior ad emphasizing the weightlessness of Dior hosiery. Image Source: Model’s Own
Beautiful 1959 Lanvin Castillo stocking advertisement. Image Source: L’officiel magazine, n° 449–450, 1959
Two examples of Harry Ekman’s Pin-up girls wearing thigh high stockings. Image Source: Pinupcartoongirls
1960’s pop icon Twiggy selling her own “Show Stopper” Panti-Tights. Image Source:
1968 Burlington Cameo advertisement. Image Source: Redbook magazine, November 1968, Vol. 132



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VienneMilano is a luxury hosiery brand dedicated to thigh high stockings. All of our products are made in Italy using only the most exquisite materials.