Stockings HQ: Where can I find their stockings?

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For over two decades, Stocking HQ formed an online hosiery heartland. Based in the UK, the online retailer formed a thriving community of stocking enthusiasts that spread worldwide and regularly convened on the website’s animated and exciting forums where stockings held court. Unfortunately, their reign in the stocking world has come to an end. But all hope is not lost. A fabulous alternative is ready to take center stage, offering all of the same great style and dedication to quality: It’s VienneMilano. But first…

Why Will Stockings HQ be Missed?

Their Abundant Store of Stockings

As possibly the world’s biggest dedicated stockings retail site, there was a certain “occasion” or grandeur about the online retailer that provided an endless selection of fully fashioned stockings, tights, panthyhose, and hold-ups. They worked alongside lingerie brands of all sizes to bring the best to their customers. Their impressive brand catalog included names such as Cindy, Adrian, miss0, Mona, and Pendeza.

An Authority on Stockings

Offering an extensive glossary of all things hosiery on their site, stocking fans always knew where to go when in need of a definition or for a quick crash course on hosiery.

Quality Offerings

Stockings HQ were big on their RHT, otherwise known as reinforced heels and toes, which limited wear and tear.

What Now?

While it may feel now that nothing can replace Stockings HQ, VienneMilano is here for you as we are up to the challenge simply by doing what we do best — sell luxury stockings of many styles and sizes while sharing their passion for all things hosiery. Simply put, we are here to serve you.

Who is VienneMilano?

VienneMilano is a luxury hosiery and online boutique founded by a woman who believes thigh highs can be worn for every occasion and mood while making the wearer the most fabulous person in any room. Our collection offers premium stockings made from high-quality Italian materials using generational Italian expertise and craftsmanship. Unsurprisingly, VienneMilano products hail from Italy, enjoying European style excellence that can be bought from their e-commerce store, offering premium stockings, thigh highs, garter belts, and lingerie.

With One Difference…

You might notice a lack of pantyhose among VienneMilano’s collections, and there’s a reason for this absence — it lies in our firm conviction that thigh highs are generally more comfortable, versatile, elegant, playful, and sexy than anything pantyhose can offer.

Make the Move

If you were a devotee of Stockings HQ, VienneMilano welcomes you with open and understanding arms with the comforting promise to fulfill all of your stockings needs. So, let VienneMilano be your new Stockings headquarter for hosiery. We ship all of our styles internationally, covering Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, the United States of America, and beyond. Catering to all shapes and sizes, their collection is sized from 1XSmall to 3XLarge.

Feel free to delve into our hosiery glossary or take an interesting read through our extensive collection of blog posts about stockings, including titles such as “How to care for hosiery” and “The history of stockings.” Or head over to our Youtube channel, where you can get a glimpse of our stockings in movement.

To make the transition all the easier, VienneMilano invites you to shop today and get 15% off with discount code: STOCKINGSHQ — enjoy!

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VienneMilano is a luxury hosiery brand dedicated to thigh high stockings. All of our products are made in Italy using only the most exquisite materials.