Thigh Highs, Stockings, and Stay Ups for Short Girls

Hello readers! My name is Erica, and I am 5ft 2in tall. I can happily say that I don’t mind my height, but I’m afraid I can’t happily say that it doesn’t come with its share of #shortgirlproblems when it comes to shopping or getting dressed for the day.

One unique area that causes me particular grief is hosiery. Unlike pants, skirt, shirts, dresses, or pretty much any other standard item, hosiery can’t be tailored. You’re stuck with what’s on the rack! I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve purchased the smallest size I can find in tights, only to have the waistband still reach my chest and the extra fabric bunch around the tops of my thighs or around my ankles (or pretty much any area of my leg if I don’t take the time to slide up every inch of the hosiery onto my body as high as it will go). I could honestly make full jumpsuits out of the majority of tights that I’ve purchased. I could be the next great superhero TONIGHT.

I could live with the oversized stockings if all that yanking didn’t also run the risk (get it?) of causing runs again and again. Add to that the fact that constantly pulling up the tights to ensure that the crotch (or “gusset”) actually sits where it should on my body also leads to every pair of tights I own eventually getting stretched out beyond repair. I don’t remember much of Catholic School (Thank you, God!) but I do remember having to waddle out of recess way too often once that waistband could no longer do its job every month.

Every. Month.

When I think of how much money my poor mother must have spent on my school hosiery alone, I send her a card. Well, I should send her a card, but I’m going to send a solution to the problem instead for my fellow shorties out there. You see, thanks to the Internet, that sweet, sweet angel, I learned that an alternative to traditional tights existed, and that alternative was thigh high stockings through VienneMilano.

Where have you been all my life?? Sure, you come up a bit higher on my leg than normal due to my stature, but that just helps me maintain my modesty when I’m wearing short dresses or skirts (or shorts and rompers? Why not? The freedom is there!). No restrictive waistband to pull or cut off circulation, no oppressive gusset to constantly adjust (or scratch). Just a sturdy, no-slip silicone band that wraps around the thigh and I’m good to go (since thigh area is often at a premium, I’d recommend the 3–4 inch bands over the 5–7 inch bands available for everyday wear). In addition to being just a little bit naughty, thigh highs offer the freedom of total body movement that tights never have (or will).

And the colors to choose from! Brown, black, orange…And unique patterns to boot! Black stockings are my go-to, and VienneMilano offers a great closet staple with their CLAUDIA line. For the fishnet variety, I always have ROSARIA and OTTAVIA on standby. Despite their delicate look, these babies are hard to damage, and any stains can be removed with a little hairspray (yes, hairspray. Learn more here).

Thigh highs offer us shorties the opportunity to wear tights all year round, too, since less fabric means less heat to deal with! In the accessory department, thigh highs really are a short gal’s best friend. And a tall gal’s best friend, too! Check out the proof here.

You may have over 99 #shortgirlproblems, but hosiery isn’t one when you choose VienneMilano stockings over tights. What other benefits have you discovered for shorties when it comes to stay up stockings? Let us know in the comments, and keep strutting!

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VienneMilano is a luxury hosiery brand dedicated to thigh high stockings. All of our products are made in Italy using only the most exquisite materials.