VienneMilano Adds Pantyhose To Hosiery Collection

4 min readMay 12, 2023


At VienneMilano, we’ve spent a lot of time with thigh highs. We love all of their beautiful quirks and how they stand up alone. We can’t get enough of it. However, we’ve been long awaiting a change that we always knew was going to come; or should we say addition, perhaps a…

It’s been in the talks for quite some time, and after plenty of planning, organizing, and executing, we’re excited to announce that we’re welcoming pantyhose and tights to our collection.

If you never thought you’d see the day, we understand. As faithful preachers of the merits of thigh highs for years now, it certainly seems like quite an unexpected twist.

And never missing a chance to sing their praises: Thigh highs are elegant, playful, sexy, comfortable, versatile, and utterly fabulous. They’ll always be where VienneMilano started and are a personal favorite. However, part of loving thigh highs is recognizing that not everyone is familiar with this fabulous style of hosiery.

This thought has always stuck with us as we’ve added new stocking styles and thigh-high designs to our ever-growing collection. Expansion and growth have always felt natural to us. Our philosophy has always been the more, the merrier when it comes to styles, designs, and those who fall in love with them. With our aim being to make every woman feel fabulous through fashion — as though she could take on the world with the right pair of thigh highs — we knew we’d have to expand even further someday.

And that day is: May 15th!

Otherwise known as National Nylon Stocking Day. We hope to see our new pantyhose and tights take off in a similar fashion to nylon.

Taking on the role of pioneering styles are some familiar faces:

Step into a new world of velvety embraces with the latest addition to the VienneMilano collection: luxury pantyhose. This pantyhose is a 20-denier beauty in all its barely-there sheer stockings glory. The silky-smooth material slicks over your silhouette, defining your figure from tippy top to tippy toe. Designed to embrace your unique shape, our premium pantyhose hold firm without ever daring to pinch. Like our VienneMilano original, our pantyhose is also crafted in the home of fashion and style — Italy. There, expert hands call on generationally perfected techniques and skills to weave the finest threads and materials into the masterpiece of fashion and function that is CRISTINA.

Tights as they should be. Reliable, no-fuss, comfy, subtly stylish, and not a chance of tearing — these opaque tights mean business. Crafted in Italy, where we’d usually rather be, ANTONELLA benefits from fashion week finesse. Using the finest threads, premium materials, and hands-wielding generations of talent, they’re the epitome of perfection. The 70 denier combines warmth and comfort alongside an opaque appeal that elevates all of your outfits beautifully.

These tights are like glossy pearls. Day or night, they shine bright. Never crossing into dazzling territory, the 40-denier sheer beauty works with natural light to highlight the natural allure of your legs.

Such a chic twist on ultra-shiny tights could only be achieved by expert Italian craftmanship working on premium materials with leading techniques. A masterclass in the much-loved Glossy Tights genre, we consider MARIA a vogue virtuoso.

But we won’t stop there. Just like we enjoy shaking up our thigh high and stocking collections now, and then, we’ll also be adding more colors, styles, and textures to our collection as we grow — watch this space!

We invite you to join us in stepping into this new territory — Get 15% off with discount code: TIGHTS

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VienneMilano is a luxury hosiery brand dedicated to thigh high stockings. All of our products are made in Italy using only the most exquisite materials.