What to wear after c-section cesarean surgery

3 min readMay 25, 2020

Dear VienneMilano,
I’m getting ready for my c-section in two months and was wondering if you have any recommendations on what to wear during the recovery period? Should I buy pants, leggings, and or stockings ahead of time? I heard that life gets pretty busy after the baby is born, so I’m trying to plan in advance.

First-time mom,

— Cassandra R.

Congratulations Cassandra! It is so wonderful to hear about your baby news. Although I am no expert on the topic of postpartum recovery, I have been through a cesarean section before, and therefore can share my experience.

C-sections are considered to be major surgery. Your body may take up to six weeks to fully recover. During that time, you will need to get out of the house for the occasional doctor’s visits — some women may even get back to work within a few weeks after giving birth. Your friends and family will also want to see and meet your new baby. For me, the three must-have items for my recovery include:

The first few days after surgery is painful, which is why loose-fitting clothes are ideal for postpartum. I recommend finding loose pants or leggings, oversize t-shirts, and flowy dresses. Try to buy clothing that is a size-up (or two) from your pre-pregnancy size, as you might not immediately return to your pre-pregnancy weight.

Low-rise panties will sit right above the incision, which is uncomfortable. Instead, you’ll want to stock up on high-waisted, full-coverage underwear. I know, those aren’t the sexiest undergarments — however, your focus shouldn’t be on looks, but rather on comfort. I preferred boy shorts as I did not want any tight clothing around the incision.

Thigh-high stockings are perfect for postpartum recovery as this type of hosiery goes up to your thighs and does not cover over your belly. Thigh highs provide style, coverage, and warmth for your legs, making it a fabulous complement for your loose-fitting dress. Clothing that sits close to your incision should be avoided, so I do not recommend pantyhose.

The first few weeks of motherhood will be exhausting — but also very rewarding. Shopping ahead of time is not only smart but will also alleviate stress. Take advantage of this precious time and splurge on items that bring you joy and comfort.

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