What Your Stockings Say About You?

5 min readApr 5, 2024


They say that looking into a wardrobe can give you an idea of who someone is, here at VienneMilano, we personally think the stocking drawer is a little more illuminating. That’s where you store some of your most trusted garments that hold you tight, keep you warm, provide coverage, and can change your entire mood by aesthetic alone.

If you’ve already taken every personality test and would like to dig a little deeper by listening to the wisdom of your stocking style choices, we’ve got just the self-discovery guide for you.

You According to Stockings …

Classic Elegance of Sheer Stockings

Think along the lines of timeless elegance. With their subtle sheen and delicate texture, these stockings exude sophistication like no other. If you find yourself drawn to sheer stockings, chances are you appreciate the finer things in life. You’re a classic beauty with an understated charm, effortlessly blending grace and poise in every step you take. People admire your refined taste and impeccable sense of style, making you the epitome of elegance in any setting.

Bold Statement of Patterned Stockings

Are plain stockings too tame for your daring spirit? Enter patterned stockings, the ultimate expression of boldness and creativity. Whether adorned with florals, stripes, or geometric motifs, these stockings scream individuality from the rooftops. If you’re a fan of patterned stockings, you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd. You embrace your unique quirks and use fashion as a form of self-expression. With your adventurous spirit and knack for pushing boundaries, you’re always ready to make a statement wherever you go.

Sophistication of Lace-Top Stockings

Picture this: the delicate lace of your stockings peeking out from beneath a sleek pencil skirt-a sight to behold, isn’t it? Lace-top stockings are the epitome of romance and sophistication, adding a touch of allure to any outfit. If you’re drawn to lace-top stockings, you’re a hopeless romantic at heart. You believe in the power of love and aren’t afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. With your enchanting aura and old-world charm, you captivate everyone you meet, leaving a trail of admiration in your wake.

Confidence of Fishnet Stockings

Wearing fishnet stockings is like sending a fashion manifesto into the world, boldly declaring, “I’m here to turn heads and break norms!” When you slip into those intricate mesh webs, you’re not just adorning your legs; you’re embracing a whole persona. You become the embodiment of confidence, sass, and a hint of rebellious charm. Fishnets whisper tales of mystery and allure, hinting at a playful side that’s unafraid to push boundaries. Whether you’re strutting down city streets or sashaying into a dimly lit jazz club, each step is a statement: you’re not afraid to flaunt your individuality and own your unique style.

What your Stocking Color Choice Says About you

Wearing colored stockings is like painting a little snapshot of your personality right on your legs. Reach for bold, vibrant hues like electric blue or fiery red, and we might guess you’re someone who shines in the spotlight. Your vivacious spirit is infectious, and you thrive on bringing your fabulous energy into every situation.

On the flip side, if you prefer softer pastel tones like blush pink or baby blue, you might exude an aura of sweetness and innocence. You’re all sugar, spice and all things nice, and that’s before getting to your gentle demeanor. You also have the enviable knack for effortlessly enchanting those around you with your serene presence.

Perhaps you’re drawn to rich jewel tones such as emerald green or royal purple, indicating a sophisticated taste and a love for luxury. Your refined elegance is unmistakable, commanding admiration wherever you go. Whether you’re rocking neon stripes or polka dots, your choice of colored stockings speaks volumes about your unique essence, adding an extra splash of personality to your stride.

Ready to Make a Statement?

If so, we’re prepared to offer up the goods. We’re pretty fond (absolutely in love) of our exquisite collection here at VienneMilano. From sheer classics to daring patterns and lace-topped wonders, there’s a style to suit every mood, occasion, or even just whatever vibe you’re feeling. Each of our lovely garments are crafted with the finest material and attention to detail. And personally, we like to think of our stockings as a testament to quality and Italian craftsmanship.

But enough of us gushing over our collection, why not see for yourself. Explore our collection of stockings today and enjoy an exclusive 15% discount with code BLOGPOST. Think of it like a little encouragement from us to you as a thanks for bringing out the personality of our stockings with — well — your very own, wonderful personality.

And that’s a wrap…

So, whether you’re a lover of classic elegance, a champion of bold statements, a connoisseur of sophistication, or a harbinger of confidence, your stockings speak volumes about who you are. From the colors you choose to the patterns you adore, each pair reflects a facet of your vibrant personality. Now, it’s time to step into your power, embrace your individuality, and let your stockings be the canvas upon which you paint your unique story. So, why wait? Unleash your inner fashionista, explore our stunning collection today, and let your stockings do the talking. Remember, with code BLOGPOST, you can enjoy an exclusive 15% discount. Use it wisely and treat yourself to stockings that look like a little representation of your very lovely self.

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